Apr 272010

Using the adjective form of this word, this was our “light” dinner (low in fat, cholesterol, sugar, or other rich ingredients).  I know people like to use the spelling of “lite” these days, but the correct word is still light unless you are in marketing.

I also went “light” on the post processing.  I lightly adjusted the levels.

  5 Responses to “THEME: Light II”

  1. Can I have one too! It’s how 75 and humid here in VA right now — I could use something light and refreshing!

  2. Light and luscious with crisp colors.

  3. MMMMmmmmmmmmm, now that is my kind of salad!!!

  4. This really made my mouth water in the enlarged version. Everything looks so luscious!

  5. That looks really good! But since it’s snowing here today I’m not feeling much like salad for dinner…. :(

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