Aug 282010

ISO 80; f/2.8; 15.0s; 5mm; 4:17am (Canon SX10 on tripod with timer)

The power went out for the whole town of Quartzsite Wed early morning when wind sheer cut down to wooden telephone poles at the ground.  We woke up around 3am… and with no air conditioner it was impossible to go back to sleep.   So we got up and sat outside to enjoy the light show and storm breeze.

I suspect that I’m pushy the theme here… might be better as a Friday walk assignment for “swirly, curvy?”

  11 Responses to “THEME: Lacy, Sort of”

  1. This looks so cool enlarged!! I love the colors that appear in this shot and the silhouettes of the trees. Very cool!

  2. Wonderful detail – I love the silhouettes!

  3. It may not be lacy exactly, but that’s a GREAT shot! Very realistic. I’m so impressed that you got the different shades of night and clouds in there along with the lightning.

  4. Who cares about the theme???? That is a TERRIFIC shot!

  5. A great lightning anyhow! I though about the lacy theme a lot and I thibk I have my post, in thoughts anyway 😉 I like the darkness leading to the lightning

  6. Eerie! It would make a great cover for a sci-fi novel.

  7. Random or not this is very um.. striking. 😉 Very cool deep almost purple tones and the palms in silhouette are lovely.

  8. I’ve only been trying to get a lightning strike for two years now- you don’t like me do you? Wonderful image.

    • It wasn’t easy and it was very random! I put the timer on and hit the button and hoped for the best. And I did this over and over again. There was a lot lightening so that helped. This one was the best… but I still wanted better.

  9. I love how the lightening creates the silhouette of the trees…nice.

  10. Lace works for me….I love how the lightning lights up the sky, beautiful in an eerie way!

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