Nov 252010

mud king 730

ISO 80; f5.8; 1/320; 28.5mm  (Canon Powershot SD950 IS)

This was processed with the Topaz products (deJpeg and deNoise), most specifically Topaz Adjust- HDR POP.  Until I ran it through this filter, the interior was dark and unseen.

This is from our desert ride last Thursday.  The vehicle is a a Pinzgauzer.  The park owns a few of these and takes residents out for a free ride once a month during the high season.  FUN!

  4 Responses to “THEME: Interior”

  1. that does look like fun. I like the pop of colors from the interior.

  2. This looks like a rough ride, but I’ll bet you saw things this way that are not normally visible. That was a great job of lighting up the interior. Isn’t it fun when you do something that makes a good image great?

  3. Wonderful processing, it really brought out the details! This looks fun, I want a ride!

  4. So that’s what they do with used Army Vehicles, lucky it wasn’t painted in “Can’t See Me – Camouflage” or you wouldn’t be able to see it! LOL

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