Aug 272010

ISO 80 f/5 1/100 21mm; 7:22am (Canon SX10 on mini tripod)

This was taken on the same morning as Wet II and is actually a extreme close-up  of the base of our Palm Tree. The area is only about 6 inches wide, if that; the log in this photo is actually a little stick.

Because half the photo is in shadow, the left side is a bit blown out.  I was planning to retake the photo on the next watering day… but the electricity was out for the whole town (some pics from that are coming) and then the next day was cloudy.  I finally decided to try to repair this pic as much as possible in Aperture.  If I get the perfect opportunity to try it again, I will.

I’m sure Mike and Karen will recommend I try an HDR, and I’m sure they are right!  If only I had the software!  I’ll take any and all recommendations for improving this shot.

  4 Responses to “THEME: In Shadow & Extreme Close-Up”

  1. Amazing how you brought everything together for the theme. Maybe you if you measured the light in the shadow, the light would not be so strong in the highlighted area. If the stick is to dark you got correct it with lightening the picture with a levels layer and paint over the the lighter areas again.

  2. Fun way to mess with point of view. I find light like that tricky without bracketing,

  3. Don’t know what software you have but if it includes the recovery tool that should bring back the highlights that have blown out. Photomatix has a free 30 day trial you might think about trying HDR.

  4. I was going to suggest HDR too……do you have the topaz filters? That would work too!

    I am glad you explained the size references…I can’t believe that is a small stick!

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