Jun 092010

ISO 80; f/3.5; 1/60 8.5mm
Green Tomatoes

ISO 80; f/8; 1/160 8mm
Green Pomegranate

ISO 80; f/2.8; 1/800 5mm
Green Grape Leaves

Debbie has more than green grass… she has a green thumb.

I am still grappling with the extra settings on the new camera and don’t feel like I’m taking the pictures that I want to be taking.  I post these more or less as a personal marker as I believe I will improve.  You’d be surprised how many times I have the background in focus and the foreground a blur… whereas I know how to use the Macro setting on the old camera, it’s a bit trickier when you add in aperture priority.  My biggest mistake, I think, that I made in these photos, which I took six days ago, is that I didn’t use the zoom to help isolate the photo.  Then again, it is rather cramped at Deb’s place and I couldn’t really step back to zoom in, if that makes sense.

I’ll try again when the Pomegranate ripens.  I have never seen one of these growing before, have you?

  9 Responses to “THEME: Green (2)”

  1. I have to echo what Julie said. Your methodical approach is so educational You’ve really embraced the essence of the photowalk. I’m impressed with how much green you’re finding in the desert in the summer too.

  2. Thanks, Julie. It’s nice hearing this come from you as I was just looking at your photos and was having that “10 steps back” feeling like I’m never going to get this!

  3. I think you’re doing a fine job – you’re working your way up the learning curve of your new camera and that can be a challenge. I find when I’m trying to learn new functions on a camera that I have to kind of let some of the other things slip – I can’t concentrate on everything at once. So, composition might go out the window while I’m learning to control depth of field, but in time everything comes together. Well for me, it sort of comes together! 😉 I commend you for your very thoughtful and methodical approach to this – you’re obviously not just going out and shooting randomly. I think you’ll be where you want to be really quickly!

  4. Love those fried green tomatoes. Great reflections on all.

  5. Super combo of green theme photos. I have a pomegranate too. Yours are farther along than mine! We have a fair amount of commercial pomegranate orchards close to where we live. They are very interesting.

  6. I too have never seen a pomegranate growing. Never get it a thought actually. I understand what you mean by not having enough room to zoom. I think is great fun and a bit frustrating learning to use a new camera.

  7. As green is my favourite color i think I will be posting several ones on this theme to… I really like the pomegranate, never seen any growing only bought expensive ones in stores. Looking forward for more photos later :-)

  8. I have never seen a pomegranate grow…I am looking forward to it! The second image is my favorite hands down!

  9. I don’t believe you! Show us a photo of Debbies GREEN THUMB! Honesty in advertising is paramount Judi! LOL

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