Apr 102010

Sunset Glow is not a very original use of this theme… but it is so much fun to photograph.

The top photo was taken 2 nights ago … when there were no clouds in the sky — just this great big burning ball of fire. So bright it hurts your eyes even in the photo image!

It was 6:50 PM.

Aperture: f8; Shutter Speed 1/250; Focal Length 7.7mm, ISO 80 (settings chosen by the camera)

I processed this in Aperture — ran it through Simone Vitale “Definition Portrait” preset. This brought out the foreground, which was fairly dark and unrecognizable.  This preset brightened the shadows, enhanced definition, and worked on the levels a bit. It also a added a vignette.

I took the above photo last night — the only post-processing was to remove a few distant town lights. It was shot at 6:56 pm.

Aperture: f5.8; Shutter Speed 1/500; Focal Length 28.5mm, ISO 80 (settings chosen by the camera)

And this was taken this evening… not from the same  spot… about a half mile further east… and it was shot at 7:09 pm, As you can see, we had lenticular clouds.

Again the only post-processing was to remove some of the town lights seen in the distance so that the mountains remain black. Oh, and I adjusted the levels to bring out a tad more brightness.

Aperture: f4.5; Shutter Speed 1/125; Focal Length 19.6mm, ISO 160 (settings chosen by the camera)

  4 Responses to “THEME: Glow”

  1. One can never tire of sunsets. Have you read “The Little Prince”? “I am very fond of sunsets. Come, let us go look at a sunset…”

  2. Wow, these are lovely! I love the second and third shots especially. Great crispness and clarity. I can always look at beautiful sunsets like these!

  3. All of your glows are beautiful..especially love that last image… do you remember those magic windows where you shake them and the sand rearranges…that is what the sky reminds me of! Love all the different colors!

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