Jul 082010

ISO 80; f/8; 1/200; 67mm; 7:18am (Levels adjusted, some dodging and burning)

I may be stretching the theme a bit here. ¬†You do see how the hummingbird’s back glitters, don’t you?

This hummingbird is a lucky shot… I was in Aperture priority because I wasn’t expecting him and was working on the some flowers in and out of Super Macro mode.

ISO 80; f/4; 1/800; 5mm; 7:14am

  7 Responses to “THEME: Glittering”

  1. What a fabulous hummingbird capture! If this is what you can do when you’re not expecting it I can just imagine what you’ll capture when you are looking for the little critters.

  2. It’s amazing that you caught the flutter of those very fast wings, too!

  3. Glittering indeed! I love the feet along with the fine color and motion of the wings.

  4. Great shot, and great eye for interesting subjects. I can’t get anywhere close to those itty-bittys.

  5. Humming birds always glitter! :) What a lucky find and what a wonderful capture, LOVE this!

  6. Of course he’s glittering! I gather it’s not that easy to catch that feature in a hummingbird because sometimes the images I see lack the wonderful iridescence. Those flowers look like they were designed for these birds to sip the nectar!

  7. He’s not Humming but Strumming!

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