Feb 282010

This is a small section of a “broken bottle neck” fence.  I discovered this the same day as Chatty Cathy, but have been holding off using it for the “glass” theme because it was really hard to get a good photo out of it.  This one is the best, I think because I like the mix of quartz rock, natural vegetation and the glass. And it has more color/composition then just taking a picture of the fence.

However, because this is such a unique fence, I have a few more photos.  Note the Mexican Brick Wall; this is not the same one that I showed in another entry. It’s used all over Quartzsite.  Below, you can see how the “broken bottle neck” fence looks.

And a close-up:

I found it interesting that the creator uses a mix of very old glass, as in the above photo, and new glass.  I just hope he didn’t break any old bottles himself to make this fence!

  3 Responses to “THEME: Glass”

  1. That is so unique! I’m glad you chose to include all three shots so we could appreciate it better. I actually think the third is my favorite…

  2. That’s unique! Wonderful colors. It must make cool shadows.

  3. Oh, these are too fun…I love the pastel colors and the shapes…very cool!

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