Feb 252010

geometric-cu 006

In Quartzsite, we have a public park area that includes the model airplane field, a skateboard park, picnic area, and the normal ball park… Sometimes I ride my bike through it, but most times I just ride past it since there is a bike path that surrounds the town.

The other day, with camera in hand, I joined Carl once again when he said he was off to  the model airplane field.  Instead of taking pics of the flying… honestly how many of these pics can one take?  Something caught my eye and I went walking.  Low and behold, I discovered another gem… a gym in the middle of the desert!  I didn’t walk the whole course — Carl was just testing a tweak to his helicopter and thus he was done and waiting for me… but I saw this and said to myself, “finally, a geometric!”

Above taken into the late afternoon sun.

Below taken with the sun behind me.


I was trying to experiment with taking different shots.  I’m not really happy with either.  Could be because the subject just isn’t that interesting! But it does show how the sun can affect a photo.

Anyway, here is a shot to show you that it really is a gym — not just a one odd piece in the desert (taken into the sun, but lightened the shadows in processing and dodged in the sign so that it wasn’t so dark):

gym 004

And the balancing beam (taken with sun behind me):

All of these photos were enhanced using Aperture… I have a trial copy to see what it is about.  I’m still a little shaky with Aperture, thus not sure exactly what I did especially with the first couple of photos.  I have figured out cropping, using the presets, dodging, cloning, burning and obviously, how to export!  As I get more comfortable with application, it gets more interesting.  I think I like the results, but not sure if  it is $199 better.

Would love to hear what you think if you are using both Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 & Aperture 3.0.  It does seem that they are companion programs and not simply competitive products.  I noticed that I can export to .psd… which could be interesting if I then wanted to add textures or what-not with layers.

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  1. Thanks, Julie! I will try Lightroom next. Although Aperture is improved, I don’t think it is worth it. I read a review that pretty much summed up what I was finding — so I now have the confidence that it isn’t that I’m missing something because I’m new to the application; it’s the application.

    Also, thanks for all your comments on the other assignments.

  2. I’ve been using LIghtroom for organizing and processing for more than two years now. I rarely use PSE at all unless I need to do something with layers. The newest version of Aperture is supposed to be much improved, but from what I’ve heard, most photographers consider Lightroom the better product. Why don’t you download the trial version of Lightroom so you can compare? Also, a google search with the terms ‘lightroom vs. aperture’ yields a lot of results.

  3. Go back and look at the entry I did for LAYERS:

    I ran that photo through Aperture and like the results.

    I’m still not exactly clear on what HDR is… I guess I better do some more homework.

  4. I like the tight crop best too. I’m interested in following the conversation on the software programs too. I do all my post-processing in PSE 7.0. Haven’t tried any companion or add on products yet, but I’m interested in trying some HDR so…. :)

  5. My favorite is the tight crop (but I love all of the other angles you captured as well)…I have pse8 and lightroom2.5 – I love the way these two programs compliment each other…I am glad I spent the money!

  6. Good catch for “geometric” and nicely cropped as well.

  7. I like the tight crop. The harsh sun there really changes things. I think that Eleanor (Victry1) uses Aperture.

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