Apr 162010

4 Balls 048

You are going to have to look at the enlarged photo to see the “four” in this one.

For desert golf, we play with bright colored balls so that we can find them.  The nature of the game is that no matter how good you may be, if a ball hits a rock just right,  it can shoot off in any direction… or it can hide in a bush.

I noticed that we were off to a good start when  4 out of 5 balls were lined up near the “hole.”  Mind you, in desert golf, one does not want to get the ball actually in the cup (who wants to reach in and retrieve it knowing that there are bugs that can kill you?) … the “hole”  is  the circle etched out in the sand around the flag.

The balls are so pretty they look like Easter eggs.

  8 Responses to “THEME: Four”

  1. How funny! I almost didn’t see the one nearest the pin!

  2. So, do you have grass traps?

    • Actually we had grass about 6 weeks ago, right after a lot of rain. We did curse when the ball would go in the grass! We mostly have “bush” traps. Since we have to be on the lookout for rattlers and scorpions, we must be careful when extracting our balls. With desert golf, you can move your ball to a better place to shoot from anytime you want… as long as it is about even with where ever your ball did land. Basically there are no rules the game and most do not keep score.

  3. I’ve never seen golf played on something like this. Great picture and great way to take a different view of the theme.

  4. How fun! Yes, that terrain looks like it could serve up many hazards one wouldn’t find on a turf course. Thanks for the lesson on desert golf!

  5. Four…or fore??

    Very clever…and close to the flag!

  6. Never heard of desert golf, but it sounds fun! Love those specs of bright colors against the brown grasses!

  7. Where is the grass? We ussualy play on the green stuff!! It is a original “four” – I did not think of this? Well done!! Your photo is broading the way I am thinking of the themes! Thank you

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