Aug 052010

ISO 80; f/5; 1/15; 78.2mm; 8:22 am (Canon SX10 in P mode)

The picture that I wanted that I didn’t get was all of these wild turkeys eating the grass right outside the tent that my niece Devon was still sound asleep in.  She was already unhappy about sleeping in a tent and if she’d woken to these larger-than-life birds….   By the time I grabbed my camera, remembered to remove the lens cap, etc, etc, well the geese were fleeing (another way of taking flight).  I followed them for awhile but the available light only got worse once we were in the woods.

Added vignette. But really it is one more of my blurry NH photos.

  9 Responses to “THEME: Flight”

  1. Whenever we go into NH, we are amazed at the number of wild turkeys we see. I’m surprised your niece slept as these guys can be pretty noisy!

  2. Hey, nice capture of movement!! Wild turkeys can be pretty jumpy and generally aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, either!!! The vignette worked well and the colors are excellent too. Still a good capture.

  3. I like the movement too.They look so like dinosaurs, I’d not like to wake up to those, especially before coffee.

  4. You were lucky to get the photo you did get! I would still be looking for the camera and the birds would be long gone. It looks like motion blur to me.

  5. Well, the blur just really enhances the fact they are in motion. I’m sure your niece was happy not to find them outside her tent.

  6. I guess those turkeys are as elusive as the quail – darn birds are just not cooperating with you.

  7. Check out my blurry bear photo in the EV’s Pixel Hangout section. Sometimes you just have to grab an image of that wildlife, even if it is not under the best conditions. Great turkeys.

  8. It just looks like motion blur – it looks like they are running to get away from you LOL

  9. Looks pretty good to me seeing them goose step away like that!

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