Feb 092010

I was playing with the digital macro setting on my camera this morning before I set out for a photowalk.  The keyboard being right in front of me, it became my test subject. I didn’t think about using it for my theme until late in the day after finding nothing else that met the theme criteria for five!  So, I reshot with the focus on the 5 keypad.

I processed this by using a gausian blur on the non-5 keys.

Then, as I was posting this, I noticed that because it is now evening, my keys are backlit, so I took another picture and processed similarly:

Still curious about how post-proceesing could help this out, I selected just the 5 key again, and this time used a filter to lighten it.

Which do you think works best?  Is there another post-processing trick (or even photo trick) that you would recommend?

Or maybe this is just a bad idea and I should keep looking for 5 of something.  Note that I never posted for “trio” last month.  I must find numbers a challenge!

  2 Responses to “THEME: Five”

  1. Hi Tammy…. unfortunately, I do not have an SLR camera. But given your advice, I am fooling around with all the features in my camera to see if I can change the aperture. The digital macro mode, at least when I aim it at the keyboard, shoots at 2.8. I can change the shutter speed letting in more or less light, but so far, not the aperture. I can also change the ISO. It does not seem that I can change aperture… but I’ll keep trying.

  2. that is perfect for the theme, I I really like your treatment of this w/ the gaussian blur!

    I would try shooting this in the AV mode w/ a high apperature value (5.6 or lower)…that might look kinda cool!

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