Feb 102010

We had a sudden rainstorm late this afternoon… with the sun still shining. When I looked behind me to make sure my window was closed, I saw a rainbow and my first thought was not of the proverbial pot of gold, but that there are FIVE colors in a rainbow!  So, I grabbed my camera. This PhotoWalk business is certainly getting the better of me.

None of the pics came out very well.. it was raining too hard for me to want to take the camera outside.. and the blue sky was to the west, the rainbow was toward the east.  But here’s a shot, anyway:

You can see the five colors, can’t you?

Of course, this reminded me of my last attempt at capturing a rainbow when we were in Tucson last August:

I was very pleased that I could capture nearly the whole rainbow.

And this is from the same day:

Obviously a blue sky makes for better rainbow pics.  Any other hints about how to make this a success?

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  1. I love all of them Judi, but think my personal favorite is the 1st one. It appears that the rainbow is forever filling the cup of the outreaching plant. 😀 Nice shots. Esther has had some success with rainbows. Query her for what she might have to suggest for a better capture.

  2. I love the newest and love that you are keyed to themes. The number of colors and color management is so head spinning. RGB plus black is five. :-)

  3. Wow. love the first image!! Great perspective and colors.

  4. Eleanor, I joined a little late. ‘Twas easy to miss me!

  5. Well, the photos are beautiful! I really like that light on the plant in the foreground of the picture. Speaks of a promise the rain will stop.

    I must apologize-I did not know you were in the “B” group. I don’t know how I missed you. I’m sorry. (for me too-I’ve missed some great blogging on your site). I will add you today.

  6. Seven colors? Checking Wikipedia:
    “Newton originally (1672) named only five primary colours: red, yellow, green, blue and violet. Only later did he introduce orange and indigo, giving seven colours by analogy to the number of notes in a musical scale. The division in distinct colours is an arbitrary convention. It is related to the linguistic question whether the colour terms are mainly culturally determined, and different between people; or biologically determined, and universal for all people (the colour debate). From a physics point of view, the rainbow spans a continuous spectrum of colours — there are no ‘bands.'”

    See the things we learn playing with our cameras! Thanks Danudin for the heads up. Since it seems arbitrary, I’ll stick with 5 for this exercise!

  7. wonderful capture, those colors are gorgeous…I think you did a great job catching this array of colors (I haven’t been able to get a descent one yet – so I am jealous)! :) Very nice, Judy!!

  8. Judi I am sorry to rain on your parade, except that it would bring another rainbow. But there is really a continuous stream of colour, but tradition holds sevev colours. Even in the Hallmark remake of Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs were able to transport whereever they wanted by just holding hands and transmutting into a rainbow, wonderful concept, Change the title to Five + two.

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