Dec 242010

Iso 80; f/4; 1.0s; -1ev; 14.2mm (Canon SX10 on tripod)

I was caught by surprise last night when the RV Park next door came through with their vehicles all lit up to bring us holiday cheer.   I grabbed the Canon SX10 and ran out the door… and starting shooting.  I chased the vehicles around the park a few times and reset up.  Most of the photos came out as interesting light blurs.   I couldn’t figure out why the camera seem to take so long to take the picture even when I tried to increase the speed… everything was happening so fast, I didn’t take the time to run through the camera settings.  So, I took a page from Ron’s book, and just continued to shoot assuming something would come out of it.

It wasn’t until I downloaded the photos this morning that I realized my mistake… I had left the camera in bracketed mode from when I went out earlier in the day.  Of course, I could have corrected that if only I had thought to look.  (Note to self:  reset camera after each use to be ready for any shot that might come along.)

The vehicles finally stopped briefly in front of me and I got these bracketed shot in… the surprising thing is, I liked the -1ev better than the 0ev shot because we can see the “WooWee”  license plate better.

This was processed in Topaz Adjust with the Dramatic effect.  Then I brought it back into Aperture and adjusted the Black Point.  I retouched the photo removing the drivers head (it annoyed me), parts of a palm tree, and a few other distractions.  Last step was to run it through Topaz deJpeg. Oh, and then I dodged the bow and the license plate.

  4 Responses to “THEME: Festive”

  1. That is just too much fun, and what great color!

  2. What a wonderful surprise! All it needs is a little “snow” to complete the image!

  3. I like the starry look to the lights, the green especially has a nice starburst look.

  4. Happy New Year. Must be hell on oncoming traffic trying to concentrate on the traffic conditions.

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