Apr 112010

I could post at least 50 such pics!  It’s an RV town and there are a million faucets…  top one is ours, middle is leaky one next door (with a warning label!), and third is from one found in Celia’s Rainbow Garden.

  8 Responses to “THEME: Faucet”

  1. I love the top exposure! Liek the colour of the handle

  2. What a documentary you could produce just around your neighborhood. Interesting colors, topped off with a warning….

  3. I do believe I like the first one the best. That familiar greenish cast to the handle really pops!

  4. I agree. The top one is my favorite too. Great faucet shot!

  5. I like the top picture especially–the angle, teh textures and the colors are extraordinary.

  6. I love your faucet too! Especially the color of the handle.

  7. I don’t know how you can have a favorite faucet, but I’m with Tammy and like yours best! Great angle and colors. It is fun to see the different kinds of what we think is an ordinary and unremarkable object. Well done.

  8. I really like YOUR faucet…love the angle you shot it at, really adds interest to the image!

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