Jul 092010

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/50; 95.9mm (accident while shooting a Palo Verde tree)

Something a little different for me…. ¬†edited in PSE.

  9 Responses to “THEME: Fantasy”

  1. I absolutely love this composition!!! Great use of the photo and such a wonderful quote!! So glad you decided to embellish this photo and make it so touching and full of emotion.

  2. I love the quote and your treatment of the photo – I can almost see the fairies peeking from behind the deepest of the leaves.

  3. I can almost hear Tinkerbelle…

  4. What a magical scene you captured…very cool….wonder what it would look like in either a black and white or sepia tone! Love it!

  5. Love the image and the quote. You’ve found an imaginative way to save the shot.

    Funny, I don’t think of fairies in the winter; they are usually in wooded glens rather than snowdrifts!

    • I was surprised about this too… but there was more than one quote about these winter fairies… I wanted a wooded glens type quote but my quick search didn’t produce one.

  6. Cool blur, I like the misty feel. (hope this wasn’t a ladder accident!)

  7. Looks downright bloody scary to me!

  8. It does look like fairy dust. Love the quote.

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