Aug 292010

ISO 80; f/5.7; .5s; 100mm; 3:53am (Canon SX10 on Tripod, Shutter Speed Priority)

I’m stretching a theme again. This is from other morning when we got up after the power outage.  As you can see it was full moon storm, how much more fancy can a storm get.  I’m just sorry that more pictures didn’t come out well.  I think I chose a shutter speed that was too slow for how much the clouds were blowing around. I debated about posting this.  As long as it is NOT viewed in its original size, it seems passable.

  4 Responses to “THEME: Fancy”

  1. I really like it. To me it looks like the clouds are just diffusing the light of the moon. Just gives it a more eerie feel.

  2. The clouds look smoky and eerie.

  3. Very cool….love the swirling clouds…looks like the Gods were busy that night! :)

  4. Where on earth did you pick up this penchant for stretching themes. It is hard to get good clouds if they are moving fast on a less blustery night try a 20 sec exposure, in shutter node, I have had some good shots doing that but just for me! I like this enlarged.

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