Dec 082010

fabric-cropped 733

ISO 80; f/3.2; 1/10; 7mm (Canon SX10, no tripod)  (Above photo is a cropped version of the first one posted… Deena had a good point about the left side of the image being distracting.)

On yesterday’s photo walk (yes, I actually went on one finally)… I was taking photos of different textures and colors in hopes of using them in future creative exercises with photoshop.  I thought this one had merit all on its own.  So much texture!

I first ran it through Topaz deJpeg and then through Topaz Adust – Photo Pop, with an adjustment to detail. back in Aperture, I increased the yellow hue.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Fabric”

  1. It does indeed look like a a 3 D surface, the color makes it look like another planet.

  2. This is a fascinating abstract. It almost looks like some sort of a topographical map.

  3. what an interesting and odd texture. would be interesting to know the real size or have a glimpse of the whole

  4. I love how the texture of the fabric stands out. Maybe its me, but I find the left side of the photo a touch distracting. My eye keeps going over there.

  5. Giggly Girl Goo!

  6. I want to TOUCH that!!! So feminine and pretty!

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