Apr 282010

Rather than keep trying to capture an emotion… I gave up and decided to try to invoke one instead.  Did I succeed?  Or, should I go for another photo walk?

ISO 200 f/2.8 1/20 7.7 mm

Post Processing: used terra bruciata in Aperture which sharpens, adds a strong vignette, and adusts the saturation and luminosity of the blues. I pulled back on the vignette and sharpening as it was a bit much.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Emotions II”

  1. Very clever approach. I like the results!

  2. Is this ‘less is more’ you are aiming for? It does evoke some thoughts about time and place. And I think I will go get me something to drink, too…

  3. Great idea for emotion. And your picture makes me want a nice cup of coffee now. Great pic!

  4. Yes, like Julie said, it’s a shot that makes you wonder about the subject, what his doing, where he is, what’s going on here – a passive emotion that captures a moment in time.

  5. It it kind of a peaceful mood. Relaxing with a cup of coffee. Makes me wonder what the guy is thinking about or waiting for. Also makes me think coffee would be a good thing about now.

  6. My mouth is craving that warm coffee and the caffeine high emotions! :)

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