Jun 152010

ISO 80; f/5; 1.0s; 53.8mm 8:06 pm

This is a section of Main St. in Quartzsite at dusk.

After taking pictures of the sky the other night, I turned around to walk back across the street.. and it struck me, “this is dusk!”   1) blue still in the sky 2) sun was behind the mountains 3) lights were on. So I set the tripod up on the sidewalk facing east; selected shutter priority for 1 sec and put the 10-sec timer on.  And magically two cars and bike appear out of nowhere.  Honestly, there had been no traffic!

I took a few more after the cars left, but as it turned out, I liked this first one the best. I just wish I had caught more of the biker on the far right of the photo.

  7 Responses to “THEME: Dusk”

  1. I love the colors and motion blur – very cool!

  2. This is a beautiful photo. It captures the essence of dusk in a small town. The sky is beautiful and I love the power line that disappears into infinity.

  3. I really love this one! The motion at dusk is so important to the scene and the lights and background hills are excellent! Just love it!

  4. Motion at it’s best, you have a little bit of everything in here and it all works together! Magnificent image!

  5. Hi!
    Beautiful shot of your city at dusk. Love the blue, makes you use your imagination to figure out what it is. Have a great day!


  6. That is such a terrific shot! Dusk and motion blur all at once. I want to experiment with this type of shot but never seem to get around to it. I’m not a fan of themes in general, but this is an example where you got a wonderful shot just because you wanted to get that theme.

  7. Spectacular for an on the spur of the moment shot!

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