Jun 132010

ISO 80; f/5 1/40 5mm in Macro mode; 6:54pm

Our friends Mike and Debbie (with the green thumb) came over the other evening to show us this catepillar.  I took at least a dozen photos… actually was trying to figure out the best trick for Macro and Super Macro modes. Almost reverted to using the old camera; finally resorted to reading the camera book. Whadda ya know…. finally figured out how the focus on the macro worked.

Anyway, I used the theme “dozen” because I stole a page out of Tammy’s book and counted the body segments.  I could also call this one “green.”

This is caterpillar is the larva for the Black Swallowtail butterfly.  It likes to eat anything green and leafy in the carrot family, which is why Debbie found it on her carrots. The caterpillar will go through one more stage — the orange dots will turn yellow — before it pupates.

ISO 80; f/4; 1/125 5mm in Macro

The above picture shows the osmeterium. The osmeterium is bright orange and pops up to let out an unpleasant smell when the caterpillar is touched or disturbed.

ISO 80; f/4; 1/125; 5mm Supermacro mode (camera about 1 inch from the subject)  I’m fairly sure that I had this in P mode.

By the way, the little black discs that you see in some of these pictures… that’s caterpillar crap.  He left a lot of these!

ISO 100; f/4.5 1/160 21 mm  Macro mode

Here he is making a fashion statement with carrrot leaf… oh and he pooped again.  Told you, he did this a lot. Not quite a dozen times…

  8 Responses to “THEME: Dozen”

  1. Fascinating – I really like your subject. My favorite is that fashion statement photo – it adds a bit of whimsy.

  2. To paraphrase Julie – Who knew a little caterpillar could poop so much? What beautiful colors. Love the images. Nice clarity.

  3. I especially love the big big shadow on the top one too. These are all great, what’s a little poop for coll shots and camera lessons….

  4. These are wonderful – nice sharp focus and great color. I like the little biology lesson too. My favorite of these shots is the first one. Who would have known a little bitty caterpillar could cast such a huge shadow?

  5. Hi!
    Awesome shots! Glad you figured out your camera. He’s very handsome. Have a great day!


  6. He’s a beautiful creature. Great detail in your pictures.

  7. Great shots! They are really great enlarged! I have only seen photos of black swallowtails. How beautiful are those caterpillars ?!!

  8. He is soooooo cool…..I love the colors and the crisp design you captured…I have never seen this type of caterpillar, this is a real treat!

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