Feb 172010

As I’ve mentioned before, it is spring here. One evidence are the Mourning Doves cooing at all times of day, each in their own stages of mating, breeding and raising their “squabs.”  I managed to take a photo of this domesticated scene only hours before the two juvenile birds in this nest were ready to leave home. I assume this is their father in the nest because of the time of day and the fact that the male feeds the juveniles.  But I could be wrong.

I took about fifteen pics trying out different settings on my Canon SD950IS Powershot.  This next pic is a close-up:

The third picture is one that I took last year. I cropped much of the background and converted it to black & white so that I could use it in our park’s February newsletter:

This hat sits in a palm tree right outside our window and we have a couple of eggs being incubated as I write.   I think we are about 9 days away from the egg(s) hatching.  Normally mourning doves breed two eggs at a time.

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  2. What a sweet scene and how very domestic of them to nest in baskets and hats.

  3. Great images, the first one is my favorite.

  4. Fabulous captures…this would be so fun to watch! I love the hat idea…never would have thought of that! Love the framing and shadows you used in this – it really makes your cool images pop off the computer screen!

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