Mar 172010

Since I posted the photo of the the Mourning Doves in the basket on the Palm tree, our own cowboy hat nest has hatched a family.  The following photo was taken on March 3, 2010.

An interesting thing happened a day or so later.  A big wind/rain storm was about to come through. The parents of the two babies in the cowboy hat, spent considerable time flying from the hat to the ground and back up again.  Carl thought that they must be trying to get the babies out of the nest. Although, the chicks just seemed too young since the parents were still feeding them.  (I am not showing those pics… doves regurgitate food into their chicks beaks!)

Apparently, it worked.  The nest was empty the morning of the storm.  We worried about our little birds, but on March 9th, we found the chicks under the RV.

We’ve been watching them everyday. The parents also seem to be keeping an eye on them. We worried at first if they would eat on their own since the parents stopped feeding them. Within days, they figured it out.  Hansel first, and then Gretel a day later. For now they are sticking around our site — they stay under our shed and come out in the afternoon and sun themselves.  They are very unafraid of us.

Yesterday afternoon, I was surprised to find this little guy (the top photo) “Hansel” sitting up on the bike handle.  It means he’s figured out what those wings are for! Oh wait! Just now, as I am working on this post, Carl has called me outside.  Tonight, BOTH birds are sitting on the bike handle!  Gretel always seems to be a day behind. (Rather than disturb them, Carl walked over to the dumpster instead of riding his bike.)

We are not supposed to feed the wild life, but yesterday afternoon we bought some bird seed that is especially made for Mourning Doves & Quails. Oh, and a Humming Bird feeder.

  11 Responses to “THEME: Domestic Update”

  1. I still love the the hat nest and the shot on the handle bar is so fine! Have fun with the hummingbird feeder!

  2. Absolutely LOVE the photo of the bird in the cowboy hat! Hope you have it framed someplace. Interesting story…I’ll be watching for updates! :-)

  3. What a super story and matching photos. I love doves and I love their mournful song. This article and photos should be in a magazine. It’s really good!!

  4. Ron… I got as far as going to Elements Village and making a bookmark. This looks helpful since I’m a PSE user. I’ll spend more time on this once I’m done my 3 day work week stint, which I’m in the middle of now. THANKS!

  5. Bobbie, yes we are full-timers but rather new at it… and now that I’m working for the RV Park that we live in, not sure how much traveling we will be doing!

  6. Judi, I love this story so much. The picture of the little dove on the handlebar is so cute. I also love the dove on the cowboy hat. Thanks for making my day.

  7. What a hearwarming story–thank you for sharing it with us! You rever to your RV–are your full timers?

  8. Judi, you asked about Pseudo HDR in your comments on my posts, I can’t find a contact for you here, so you may belete this if you want after you read it it is not related to your dove shots. Are you a member of the Elements Village forum, and what software are you using to process your photos. I have a contact email address on my blogsite, email me with that detail and I will try to give you an answer through email.

  9. A happy story w/ a happy ending…how I love these! You are so lucky to get to follow these two through their early days! Keep on enjoying (and sharing) them! :) Fabulous images – perfect story board!

  10. Ron — I think I’d rather have some of your birds for a little color!

  11. Beautifully wonderful tale and photos, now you are proud granparents again, and I hope you install a second hat for next year so the chicks have some where to nest and you could think about building them a storm shelter, maybe a verandah with a jacuzi or something, but what ever you do make it colourful. I love this.

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