Apr 162010

For anyone following our Mourning Dove story… here’s an update.  I took this photo a week ago.  This is the third family to be raised in the hat this spring.  Although we knew the eggs had hatched within the previous week ors o, the birds were still too small for a picture.

I happened to have my camera in hand and was walking by the tree when I noticed that I could SEE the babies. So I snapped a few photos. I did not know that I had just captured the last moments that they would be in this nest.

I went back in the RV.  Next thing I hear is  a sound like that of an old Model T horn.  We figured it was a bird but had never heard it before.  Looking out the window, we finally spied a huge raven in a nearby palm tree.

Then everything happened fast.  I saw the raven swoop down to the nest and I thought the raven grabbed the babies.  The nest was empty! But, Carl saw the mother throw the babies out of the nest just before the raven dived in.  We ran outside to see if the babies were safe… but couldn’t find them anywhere.  So we assumed that the Raven still managed to get the babies.

Then we saw the most curious thing.  The parenting bird (which sex, dunno) seemed to have a broken wing and was limping along the ground on the far side of our site… away from the nest.  Carl said he had seen that behavior one other time and assured me the bird was not hurt… although I didn’t believe him until I saw the bird stop this act and fly away! (I’m so sorry that I didn’t have the camera in hand for this!)

Meanwhile the babies seemed to be gone and Carl and I were in a funk the rest of the afternoon.  Nature can be so cruel!

About a day and a half later, Carl saw the babies huddled under the RV in about the same place as the previous babies had been when they were thrown out of the nest!

The new babies are doing well, pretty much progressing along the same lines as the last ones… but some where along the way they picked up a cousin… as there are now THREE babies, not two.

Some afternoons we have quite a crowd here.  It’s funny, if either one of us startles the birds… all the ones that don’t belong here… meaning not part of our nest family… fly away.  “Our birds” stay.

  8 Responses to “THEME: Domestic / April Update”

  1. What a saga! I love your shot, the bird has certainly found the right colors to hide in.

  2. Great story. We will be waiting to hear further adventures! The dove in the photo seems to be looking right at you!

    • Thanks, Doris! I do feel that I’ve improved in my Dove photos… I’ve been trying to clean up (i.e. delete bad photos) my old photos and my original dove photos are awful! Guess this PhotoWalk is doing me some good.

  3. What a saga! In the photo, they almost look like part of a sculpture.

  4. We have a dove in our hanging flower basket. Almost every year there is a nest there…sometimes two in a season. I’m glad you had a happy ending. Sometimes nature takes a hand…or me…when I let down the picnic table umbrella…not knowing there was a nest on top of it! Did I ever get a scolding all afternoon as mama hunted for her nest. I felt so guilty!

  5. What a great (and exciting) story! I kind of like that you didn’t get pictures of all the events for it leaves something to the imagination….

  6. I am so glad this story had a happy ending…I am loving your dove adventures! Keep them coming!

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