Mar 302010

From my Mac built-in dictionary:

disorder |disˈôrdər|


a state of confusion : tiresome days of mess and disorder.

• the disruption of peaceful and law-abiding behavior : recurrent food crises led to periodic outbreaks of disorder.

Maybe I read or see too many dystopian books/movies!  I look a this photo and the refrain “Four Dead in Ohio” goes through my head…

This was not staged…  a friend was showing us this toy, driving it over piles of rocks to show what it could do, and I was snapping pictures.  I saw this shot coming about and well… I got it!

I processed this in PSE 8 — burned in the blue color a bit, cloned out a pesky bungy cord lying under the big truck, added a layer and used the Water Color filter at 50% transparency and cropped to this odd (disorderly) shape.

Also of note… since the photo was taken just after 3:30 on a slightly overcast day… enough to keep the harsh sunlight out.

Of course, it if was February, I would have used  this for “Big and Small” and kept my civil disorder  observations to myself <grin>.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Disorder (or, really Big and Small)”

  1. Well it took me several look-sees to find the ‘big’ because I was expecting another truck or car and not just the tire tread about to go over the little one. Clever you to keep me guessing!

  2. Great comparison shot! Love that you almost see the real tire as a second thought. That brings the comparison to life for me. Cool!

  3. What a fun photo! Good catch to snap it before the little one zoomed off….or the big one ran it over!

  4. Hope the batteries are fresh so it can get outta the wau real quick.

  5. Too perfect for disorder…but how much fun to play with! Love the bright blue and the composition with the big tire on the little car’s bumper! Too cool!

    • I agree its a stretch on the theme… but I’m imagining this little guy went and did something that he shouldn’t have (or at least the authorities thought he shouldn’t have) … you know, civil disorder… and the big guys are now gunning for him. O.K. it’s a stretch!

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