Mar 302010

And now for the more expected use of the word “disorder….”

This is a photo that I took earlier this month for the theme “disorder.”  It’s taken at on of the discount food tents of which there are several in Quartzsite during high season.  If you don’t mind out-of-date foods, some real bargains here.   And you were wondering what happens to all the stuff when they reach their expiry date?

Let’s see… I processed this in PSE 8, I added one layer to burn in color.. then made a copy of the layer  and played with the “correct camera distortion”  just to add a little more focus to this photo.

Also, this being Quartzsite and the end of March… this tent and most all the hundreds of other temporary businesses are now gone.  Winter residents are leaving in droves.

  5 Responses to “THEME: Disorder”

  1. Your description of this temporary encampment is really, really interesting. I’ve never heard of anything like this! Thanks for sharing….

  2. That’s fascinating about the seasonal food markets! That must be a real zoo! Nice shot of the canned goods with excellent clarity and color.

    • They say about over a million people visit in January… normal population of town is about 3000 (and most think that’s an exaggeration). So, yeah, it’s crazy here in January.

      There are about 10 different Gem & Mineral Shows, and too many swap meets to count. Then there are all these other fly-by-night tent selling everything and anything. It’s really almost too much to take in. Oh, and the biggest event is the RV Show, which takes place in huge tent. I ended up working throughout most of it so I didn’t get to visit the tent this year.

      I did most my photo walks in February and March. As of today, April 1st, can assume all that is going is gone. Although I believe I can still find stuff to photograph…

  3. That’s not going to be fun to organize! Hope you have help! :) Fabulous colors!

  4. The processing really pops those orange cans. What a collection you’ve captured!

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