Oct 312010

I worked on getting the eyes a bit clearer.  Of course, if I had just taken a better photo to begin with, I wouldn’t have to be trying every trick in the book to make clear eyes!  This time I used the definition paint brush as Julie recommended, then ran it through Topaz ADJUST — Mild Color Pop.  I then painted the eyes again with the definition paint brush.  Acutally I tried about dozen things… but I’m pretty that was the work flow on this one.

After fixing a deep facial shadow from the mask in Aperture, then a trip out to Photoshop to take care of the slight blur, I then came back to Aperture and ran it through Topaz Denoise, and then finally settled on “Portrait Smooth” in the Topaz Adjust package.

Would appreciate any comments / suggestions from people with experience with these packages.

Here is the original portrait:

ISO 400; f/5; 1/8; 61.4mm (Canon SX10)

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  1. What a beautiful portrait! I really like your composition. I am with Ellen, though on sharpening the eyes. You could just try definition in Aperture and see if you could just brush it in. Otherwise, excellent!!

  2. What a lovely portrait, I love how you composed the fill the frame with that cutie and the feathers in the background are perfect.you did a great job on that shadow. The portrait smooth preset in adjust does blur things. Maybe you could select just the eyes to sharpen them or maybe use the preset in adjust photo pop.

  3. Sweet! What I find especially impressive is that the background flows with the portrati–no easy task when one is trying to snag a kid at that age. And it’s perfectly exposed.

  4. So sweet! I have adjust but don’t use it much. What part of the program did you use to remove the shadow?

    • I was still in Aperture when I removed the shadow… I simply used the dodge paintbrush to lighten the area. I found that leaving the shadow made it look like she had dirt on her face when I started to use these other techniques. Despite trying tricks to fix the blur, I still feel there is too much blur in the eyes and hope to revisit this when I know my tools better.

  5. You are going to love the bundle….I use one form or another of it in almost everything I do! You did a beautiful job of processing on this little cute! You did perfect!

  6. Great portrait…I have Adjust so if you have any questions let me know!

  7. You seem to have handled that cutie’shadow problems beautifully!

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