Nov 122010

child's desire 725 child's desire 726 child's desire 727


I was actually intending to photograph a Saguaro cactus  when I saw this little power struggle of desires developing between uncle and nephew yesterday… I used Topaz Simplify Cartoon to help me tell the story.  Don’t worry  the boy eventually ran after uncle… we didn’t leave him in the desert.

  5 Responses to “THEME: Desire”

  1. What a great way to tell a story! I was always a huge fan of the comics!

  2. I seem to have no luck choosing images to use this style. These work! You inspire me to look further….

  3. What a great story! The “cartoon” style makes it like a comic strip that tells the story by letting us fill in the narrative.

  4. I am loving your comic style story board….the processing on these images is incredible! It really simplifies the images so we only see the story being told!

  5. This series looks like illustrations from a picture book. I love the broad expanse of blue sky and the pop of color from the red jacket. The simplification of the cartoon technique lends itself very well to communicating the emptiness of the desert.

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