Apr 142010

Dappled sidewalk 020

The thing that I’m discovering with this PhotoWalk project is that there are so many serendipitous moments.  That is, I set out to take a photo of one thing and I come home with something completely different and unexpected.

There is a bit of trickery to this photo.  Any guesses?

  9 Responses to “THEME: Dappled”

  1. You are so cute! I love that you even thought of it! It’s a great picture and a perfect for our photo journey!

  2. Clever! I’d never have guessed. What a wonderful abstract quality

  3. O.K. I’ll reveal. Basically, I rotated the photo on its side. It’s a photo of the shadows on the sidewalk… not a wall. It was a so-so photo before I did this. And the rest is nature’s trickery. We do have really long shadows when the sun sets.

  4. Boy, I don’t know unless there is another taller patch of weed out of the frame. It is a very cool shot in any case! Very abstract…

  5. What a fascinating picture! The short grass in the foreground makes the long shadows look as if they have a secret life of their own.

  6. I’m at a loss! But I love the long shadows.

  7. Interesting photo, but have no idea of how you got the shadows so tall when the grass was not tall in the photo. Tell all!!!!

  8. The lighting? (the time of day you took it)?? I am in love with those shadows…what a great perspective on this!

    • I took it at 5:41pm … our shadows tend to get very long and dark. You are right that the trickery is in the perspective… but before I give it away I’ll see if you or anyone else guesses.

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