Apr 152010

White Lizard 044

This “dappled-skin” lizard stopped to pose for me while we were golfing this morning.

  11 Responses to “THEME: Dappled 2”

  1. Judi – now this shows me why you can live in there and I can’t!

  2. That is about a lizard’s length too long for me. He is beautiful though and the enlarged shot is so clear and full of details. What a gamer you are!!

  3. Nice that he stayed still for you! You framed him perfectly.

  4. Um…………how big is that handsome fella?

    Great shot!

  5. Hi Judi,
    What a great shot! I’m with Tammy, I would have been long gone. He looks fearsome. Have a great day!


  6. Too funny, you grab your camera and I would have ran! LOL I love that proud pose, I’m surprise he stood still long enough for you to get this good of shot!

    • I was nervous. My first couple of photos you can hardly see it. Especially since the women that I’m golfing with are telling me that these “white lizards” run after you and if they bite you they don’t let go. But, since he stayed so still, I figured he was doing like the bunnies… “if I don’t move, you can’t see me.” I suspect the tail up in that position is a warning though. Now if I see a rattlesnake… me and my camera will be long go.

  7. you play golf with Dinosaurs, Did you see Fred, Barney and Betty, out swinging a club?

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