May 152010

I went in a different direction for my last two morning bike rides. I decided to head in the direction of Q Mountain.  After taking lots of flowers shots, missing the perfect Quail family shot, and fooling around with pics of an old mine , I decided to leave my bike at the bottom of Q Mountain and hike up.

This is a photo of the Q Mountain neighborhood.  The irony in calling this crowded is that this neighborhood has some fairly “large” lots, compared to the many RV parks which make up this town.   Still, I think if you took a photo of any neighborhood from an elevated point of view, it would look crowded.

The other irony is that Quartzsite itself is absolutely not crowded this time of year.  This neighborhood is unusual because there are actually quite a few people still here.  When I say “quite a few,” I mean 25% – 30% of the residents.  At least that’s my guess from riding around the neighborhood — and choosing only to take flower shots when no one seemed to be home.

The above photo was taken about half way up Q Mtn.

Below is a photo of the mountain itself. There are a few theories as to why there is a Q on the mountain. Most of the towns around here have a letter ton the side of its nearest mountain, like “P” for Parker or “B” for Bouse.  The best reason I’ve heard for this peculiarity is that back  in General Patton’s day when the untrained pilots flying airplanes from one location to another, this helped them know where they were.  The towns find different ways to maintain them… usually students do the work.  The other theory is that students did this for no particular reason.

The two dots or “eyes”  appeared sometime last summer.  There is all intention of having those eyes removed before the centennial celebrations.

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  2. Perspective can give you some intersting results, sure looks crowded to me.

  3. Both these shots really give us a flavor of the area. The seasonal aspect of your community is fascinating to me as you probably rub elbows during the winter with some of MY summer neighbors!

  4. The city does look endless in this shot. Fits the theme wonderfully. I love the rim of mountains in the background. Really looks like desert country. Really interesting about the Q on the mountain.

  5. The homes/park models/trailers/RVs do stop about five miles out. The rest is Bureau of Land Management (BLM) however still within Quartzsite town limits. The BLM land fills up with RVs in January & February… those are the “boondockers,” people who take care of their own electricity, water, septic.

    I wish I had gone up the mountain in January so that I could have a comparison photo.. that’s when it is truly crowded.

  6. Oh that prissy little poodle would have never have made it!

    Actually, I only hiked half way up. I stopped when I realized that I was going to have go over some large rocks… the rocks didn’t bother me, but the potential rattlesnakes did.

  7. Now we know why the dog poked out her tongue, you wanted her to hike up there with you, Top Vistas.

  8. Tammy’s right – it looks like it goes on endlessly.

  9. It does look very crowded, and it looks like it goes on forever…really nice depth in ths! The eyes on the mountain reminds me of the movie “The Hills have Eyes” LOL

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