May 232010

ISO 320; f2.8; 1/20 – taken with the Canon 950 IS

ISO 80; f/2.8; 1/60 with FLASH – to show image in the monitor.

This is very cool!  My new (used) camera…  It is the Canon Powershot SX10. The UPS man did not let me down.. I have so much to learn before I can really use it!

No, it is not a DSLR  nor is it the most up-to-date model in the line.  (That would be SX20.  It is an affordable solution that will let me do things that my Canon 950IS (which I still love) can’t do.  I can now play with the “big kids!”

So this camera is going to let me experiment with the following —

Aperture priority

Shutter priority

Manual mode (select own aperture, shutter and iso)

Manual focus (plus some other cool focus features)


It has a 20X zoom (the main feature we were after).

Attach a flash

Use a lens hood (came with the camera)

Add filters

Frame picture with a viewfinder or the flip out screen…

See live histogram info

We chose the SX10 over the SX20 for technical reasons… the sensor is the same size in both cameras, but the newer model (SX20) has more pixels.. which actually would not make for a better picture because the pixels need to be smaller to fit in the same sensor space.

The only other difference with the SX20 is improved video, which I’m not looking to use.  At first it looked like the SX10 was going to cost us a lot more money than the SX20 — but eBay saved the day.  In the end, it cost less than the my Canon 950IS.  Though that camera has a larger sensor (and more pixels)… so I’m prepared for a bit of difference in clarity.

And of course, there are still many limitations compared to a DSLR — but what’s the point of belaboring what one can’t have?

  11 Responses to “THEME: Cool (new camera)”

  1. Congrats – you’re going to love this camera. I had the much earlier version, the S1 and it was a wonderful camera when I was starting my digital journey for just the reasons you’ve mentioned.

  2. That would be with the old (but still cool) Canon SD950IS. As you can see, it doesn’t do all that bad with the right subject.

  3. What a cool camera. The reviews on this one were very good. Now the 64K question, How did you use the new cool camera to take those cool shots of the cool camera?:):)

  4. We all love new toys, looking forward to your new adventures.

  5. I have a similar super zoom (a panasonic that tied in most reviews) and while I’d love to have a dslr it is good have the control. I’m sure you will have a fine time with your new cool camera!

  6. Cool, is right! Congratulations and have fun!!

  7. Karen… I’m glad to learn that you have one too! I can see that this camera is going to take me some time to learn… fortunately there is always “P” mode when in a panic!

  8. I’ve got the Canon SX10 IS, too! I love it – it is so versatile and takes great photos. And I love that it lets me set aperture, shutter speed, even manual controls. I still am learning how to use it after having it for more than a year.

  9. Looking forward to all your adventures and trials. Should be fun for you.
    I like the angle you took of the first picture. See your half way there, LOL.

  10. I’ve heard that this is an excellent camera and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it. Looking forward to watching you explore its features…

  11. Very, very cool!! I think you are going to love the added features, that should keep you busy for a very long time! Can hardly wait to see some pictures! Have fun with your new toy!

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