Feb 172010

Went for a chocolate ice cream today.  Actually, have had many chocolate subjects, but I keep eating them before I have a chance at taking their picture.  Not sure of the difference between the theme “luscious” and “chocolate!”  Oh, this could qualify as “self-portrait” since this is my hand.

Here is a another shot of the same ice cream cone a few licks later with the background included:

  6 Responses to “THEME: Chocolate”

  1. Ha! I’m waiting for that self portrait, you are such a trooper!

  2. You mean I have to have another chocolate ice cream cone???? W-e-l-l, o.k. if I must….. :)

  3. That is true, go back and do it again, what a special Self Portrait that would have made. Very versatile.

  4. Actually, I didn’t know I”d be taking a picture until it was in my hand and realized that I had the camera in my other hand… thus I managed to get the camera pointed the right direction and fidget with the settings — all while the ice cream started to melt. So I really didn’t have a lot of time or spare hands, thus I took 4 quick shots and then had to do the decent thing and start licking away. I suppose I should have turned the camera on me when I was finished and shot a self-portrait of a chocolate ice cream face!

  5. Did you know that if you post anything Chocolate, you have to send some to everyone, put some Dry Ice in with mine, Australia is a long way away, Yummy, if chocolate is in short demand English Toffe is my Favourite Ice Cream Cone, and unlike that fibber Tammy I eat Cones when ever I have a chance. What a greatfun post. Good onya!

  6. How many licks does it take to get to the center of an ice cream cone?? LOL Oh yum, I wouldn’t be holding that out in front of MY face! :)

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