Feb 042010

It was such an nice afternoon, I decided to take my bicycle and camera out and try out the February themes.  Look what I found at a yard sale!  A Chatty Cathy!  According to Wikipedia, she’ll be celebrating her 50th birthday this year.

I had a fun taking her picture… but couldn’t select just one for this exercise. The top photo is without much editing… I cropped it a bit to focus more on her and less on the tables in the distance.  The light worked out best on that one.

I like the second one because it looks like she’s doing her best to convince the woman holding her to take her home.  I did play around with the gausian blur to the background and then played with the vignette.

The third photo could have been more scary — you know like Chucky — but again I played with vignette (lightened, rather than darkened) and changed the angle a bit to make her less scary.  Amazing what post-processing can do.

  11 Responses to “THEME: Children’s Toys”

  1. Terrific little series! It is oddly spooky though!

  2. […] is a small section of a “broken bottle neck” fence.  I discovered this the same day as Chatty Cathy, but have been holding off using it for the “glass” theme because it was really hard to […]

  3. My first thought was too similar to Chucky… :) I thinks it the eyes in the second shot. They seem to be looking right at the person holding her rather than straight ahead… It does bring back fond memories of childhood though. I had a Bozo the Clown–he was awesome.

  4. Wonderful photos but that is to me one really creepy looking doll. What a fun series.

  5. Judi, I didn’t have your site in my reader and have been missing your wonderful posts. I like the first photo for the composition. Great find there! I love those dolls too.

  6. Judi! My youngest daughter had a Chatty Cathy. She has often referred to it because one of her brothers broke it. This is a great find. I like your series here. Nice presentation.

  7. The first image is a winner. What a find!

  8. Ha! That’s funny, Terri. She does have the Vanna wave! I had a momentary thought that I should go back and buy her… I’m that old, too but I never had a Chatty Cathy!

  9. OMG Chatty Cathy, I had her and Chatty Baby too.(wow guess I am that old :0 The last shot looks as if she is Vanna saying “here you go”, and pointing to all the other interesting items there.

  10. My favorite is the first image…I love her just laying there in all that junk and how she really stands out (“take me home…”)! The shadows and highlights are great in that image as well! Funny you mentioned Chucky…I thought that immediately too!

  11. Isn’t it sad to see a toy someone used to love thrown into the yard sale? I like your progression photos.

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