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I went on my first photo walk today.  I walked over to the Quartzsite Gem & Mineral show going on in Tyson Wells.  So, this is the first time that I’ve taken a photo for this blog specifically, rather than pulling from past images. Actually, I took quite a few photos, but this is the first that I thought I’d try out.

This is a picture of a Orthoceras, a fossil of a species found in Morocco, North Africa.  They lived hundreds of millions of years ago, as they died, their shells accumulated in great numbers on the sea floor where they were aligned by currents, buried by sediments and transformed into stone. Today, this sea floor, ironically, is found in the Atlas Mountain range.

I chose this as Chaos… because that is what I saw when I first looked the fossil slab .  I also wondered what chaos occurred so long ago that I should be standing here looking at it today (that was before I googled it).

This is not black & white… if you look at the enlarged photo, you’ll see hits of color from the polished surface reflections.

The only processing that I did on the original image was to adjust the levels to improve the contrast.  Image was a bit flatter looking — unfortunately I wore my prescription sunglasses on my walk, which means I had a heck of time seeing the camera screen if I left them on, or seeing at all if I took them off.

Of course, now that I know about Topaz, I’m wondering what they would do for this photo. Such a tease.

I did attempt to put a border around it…but other than being a nifty exercise, I don’t think it does anything helpful to the photo. What do you think?

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  1. I would never have guessed what this was without your commentary. I think I like the unframed version better – the chaos is less contained. Just stopping by because you posted on Mr. Linky!

  2. Awesome choice for Jan., love this image.

  3. What a great take on chaos and a fine shot. I like the frame it keeps one in, thinking of how very long this has been on the earth.

  4. Sorry! I’m getting names mixed up here. This is Judi – Sorry!

  5. Judi! When I first viewed this, I thought it was a bunch of stubby pencils!! lol Nice selection on the theme. Great shots.

    In the middle of Washington State near Soap Lake, there are some outcroppings above the lake where marine mollusks can be found. Soap Lake, and the surrounding lakes of the area, is very alkaline which does not support marine life. There are a couple of tiny creatures in the lake but that is it. It was such a shock when we found these marine mollusks that were centuries old in this area. There had to have been an ocean here at this inland area at one time or another.

  6. The image is awesome!! I have always been fasinated by these fossils. Great choice on the framing it really sets it off.

  7. What a wonderful sense of chaos….I think you nailed the theme, my eyes are going all over! I think the framing brings out the image and it’s details…nice use of the frame!

  8. This subject is enthralling…fossils capture the imagination. Sea fossils on mountain tops! I am not sure that the border added anything; more distracting IMHO….

  9. That is so interesting! I love fossils and it’s fascinating to learn about them. Great detail, texture and pattern, too.

  10. That is a great photo, I would have sworn that you had converted to B&W because there is really only a hint of the coulorn, no matter how enlarged. The silver sheen and remaining detail of the creatures markings are superb. What a terrific find.

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