Nov 102010

ISO 80; f 2.8; 1/20; 7.7mm (Canon Powershot SD 950 IS)

When I first saw the theme “brown” I thought “UPS” — thus when I was working on Friday and our UPS man came in to deliver a package… I couldn’t help but ask him if I could take his photo.  He didn’t mind since everyone that was in the office at the time had already complimented him on his new hat.

The weird thing is, when I finally pulled the image out of the camera this morning, his uniform looked army green, not brown.  “What, the heck?,”  I said to myself.   The UPS logo was still brown, the counter top was still brown and I could see other hints of brown.  But not the uniform and hat.  How’s that for irony!

Regardless, I proceeded to make these changes hoping for the best in the end:

1)  Cropped the image so UPS man filled more of the frame.

2) Auto enhance preset in Aperture

3) Topaz Clean – Stylized Detail (toned the results down a bit through adjustments)

4) Back  in Aperture, changed the Green Hue to be more yellow.  I then painted the skin to remove the effects of the “yellow.”

5) Decreased the saturation of the Red hue (the orange lantern in the background was annoying me).

6) Decreased the Blue saturation — the chair in the background was too blue.

And there you have it… my UPS man.

  9 Responses to “THEME: Brown”

  1. What a great idea for this theme! You did a great job processing the image. Appreciate you sharing how you did it.

  2. This image made me smile. Great processing.

  3. I like his expression. Nice shot.

  4. Super take on the theme. We use DHL for most of our deliveries so I am hoping for a yellow theme :-)

  5. The brown is really brown now. A lot of changing to make it brown, but you did it!

  6. I like his sweet bemused smile. A good capture of his personality, I would think.

  7. Awesome processing and thanks for sharing your technique! I have taken pics where the brown looks army green too….I think it is just the lighting! You did an awesome job of overcoming the obstacles of the image….and I love that hat too! :)

  8. Odd that the brown would change. He looks like a really nice guy, maybe next time you can get him to hold a white balance card.

  9. I thought that you nailed your description although the correct name for that colour is “Khaki” which was meant to emulate desert brown so theme fulfilled.. In the Army we called them “Giggle” caps so it is a FUN shot too. Great!

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