Jan 152010


How bold of nature to make a rock with these two colors side-by-side!  This rock is called “Sonoran Sunset Chrysocholla” – and I took a picture in its raw form. I fell in love with this rock at first site! The owner of the jewelry shop was nice enough to pull it out of the case and set it out for me to take a photo.

I thought she had said it was found in Arizona… but on the web the only location I see is Northern Mexico.  Of course, Northern Mexico borders AZ, so maybe it was found  in AZ, near the Mexican border.  Rocks probably don’t understand borders.

You should see these in its original 4000 x 3000 pixel size on my 23″ screen.  Now that is BOLD!

The store that let me take this images (and many others) was All in Vein; they will be in Quartzsite for Jan and Feb.

Processing:  I adjusted levels and contrast a bit.

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  1. Judi! What a find and an eye for the find! Lovely. Stunning! I’d like a piece of jewelry from this rock!

    My late DH’s father was a rock hound making tables and jewelry and other stuff. We became interested and dabbled a bit too with a tumbler and saw to cut larger pieces with. My children grew up finding pretty rocks in places like the driveway! lol That is when they were really small. Even though that was a million years ago, I still have some of the items my father-in-law made.

  2. Judi, you sure found great bold colors. And in the same rock! It is beautiful.

  3. What a great example of natures bold statement. I like the orientation as is. The veining in the rocks give it so much interest.

  4. I look forward to the annual Rock and Gem Show here in town…they show rocks that glow in the dark, too. The name of this rock evokes a sunset in Sonora and would be realistic if turned 90 degrees right…then you would have the bluegreen mountain top with a sunset that rivals the real thing!

    • Ha! I did rotate the picture — in fact went full circle a couple times. I decided to keep the original angle that I took the photo because I was looking at it from the point of view of BOLD. Thought if it wasn’t quite the way one expected to see it, it would add something. Now if I was cutting this up to make a piece of jewelry, I’d definitely go with the landscape motif. Maybe I should post a second picture with it turned 90 degrees.

  5. Ooh! Another rock lover! Great contrast, texture and color, too.

  6. Wow, that is bold at Nature’s best! I love the vivid colors and contrast in these, the textures are just an added bonus!! Very beautiful Judy!

  7. Fell in Love with a Rock, boy were you lucky it wasn’t Mick Jagger, that would be too BOLD for words, that is a stunning photo, and your spot on with the border thing.

  8. What a great photo for bold! I love the colors here. I love rocks and gemstones and this is a wonderful example. Hope you have more of these photos waiting. Great work to show those bold colors and the rock inclusions so clearly.

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