Sep 082010

ISO 80 f/5; 1/800; 49.6mm; 7:00am (Canon SX10) Cropped

ISO 80; f/4; 1/80′ 13.8mm; 7:40am (Canon SX10) Cropped

I know that Red & Blue is not a theme that we’ve been given, but for some reason I saw these two images on my random photo walk / bike ride this morning… forty minutes apart. ┬áKind of strange, huh? Doesn’t two make a theme?

  7 Responses to “THEME: Blue & Red”

  1. Great captures and of course it’s OK to select your own themes – especially when they just jump out like this!

  2. Make your own themes are the best!

  3. I like photography as it forces me to see things that I might never have noticed. Great tie between the two different scenes. We need to take photos of phone booths before they are all gone!

  4. It’s amazing how much these two photos match in color! You have a great eye!!!

  5. And to find them with the same color pattern. You could have used it for red, white & blue also.

  6. Two definitely makes a theme! Isn’t it amazing how much more you notice when you are doing a photo challenge? I like the phone booth – a slice of Americana that is rapidly disappearing.

  7. I love the way in both images how those two colors really pop! Now you will probably be seeing red and blue all day!

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