May 012010

I actually had to look up the definition for “blossom” when I saw that we had this as a May theme.  “Yikes,” I said to myself, “How is a ‘blossom” different from a ‘bloom?’ ”   So, now I know.  Blossoms are the flowers (or blooms) that happen on trees and bushes.

Because May Day feels like a day for flowers… and since our Friday assignment is to celebrate Karen’s birthday weekend… I decided to post this photo of pink Blossoms.  I wasn’t so very happy with the focus… so I punched up the clarity a bit with an Aperture preset and thus making the flowers look more painted than photographed. Enjoy!

Maybe if the wind ever stops blowing I’ll give this theme another go.  I saw my first Saguaro “blossom” yesterday… May is the month for these beautiful white flowers to bloom. O.K. I’m still a little confused between “blossom” and “bloom”  — I just know that it means for another month we get to post pics of our  favorite flower shots!

  2 Responses to “THEME: Blossom”

  1. So very pretty…I am looking forward to MORE! I guess I always thought of a blossom and bloom being the same as well!

  2. That’s the spirit – don’t get too caught up in the semantics – just post what you like! I like your flowers in any case!

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