May 302010

ISO 80; f/5; 1/1000; 42.2mm; 2:28pm

It was the normal perfect sunny day and mid-afternoon, worst time to shoot, but I decided to take this photo anyway.  Although I had seen this Saguaro cactus have multiple blooms at once, I had not seen them arranged so close together.  So, I went home for the ladder and camera.

And then forgot about the photos as much attention was diverted to other things…  So when I finally downloaded the photos last night I was amazed that the flowers were not blown out.

I know I didn’t need another Blossom photo…  but I had to share this.

  3 Responses to “THEME: Blossoms (One More)”

  1. You did do a fine job of capturing these! White subject and midday?! That’s tough and you did wonderfully.

  2. Wonderful close ups and clarity!

  3. I love your blossoms, keep them coming! :) You did a fantastic job on these….this is not an easy shot to get w/ the white blooms and all!

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