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I have only the one theme left for the month of March!  I’ve struggled with this one because I am uncomfortable with the word “blessing” as it is not a word I commonly use as it usually has a religious connotation.  So I looked up the meaning of “blessing” to see if the photos I took last night couldn’t work for me in some way, and here it is — “Blessing: Something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being…”

Last night we went with friends for a ride out in the desert for wine and cheese, to watch the sunset and then watch the full moon rise.  Simply an awesome evening, certainly one that contributed to our well-being.

Top Photo:  Minimum processing.  Added a luminosity layer in PSE.  (We loved looking at all the jet contrails in the sky while we imagined the travelers and their destinations.)

Middle photo:  This is actually 2 photos.  The photo of the wine glasses & wine bottle had a blown out sky.  So I made another layer with one of the (many) sunset photos.  I then turned down its transparency and “erased” the wine bottle, glasses and table (with its contents). I actually tried a few other things, but this is what I settled on.

Bottom photo: My “Van Gogh” Moon Shot:  Since I don’t (yet) have a tripod, it was very difficult to get a photo of this beautiful scene.  A Saguaro Cactus with a glorious full moon coming over the mountains. I decided to work on this image to make it something more than just a badly exposed night shot.  I adjusted levels in one layer; did a High Pass Overlay (86% transparency) in another; and then copied the levels-adjusted layer and added a Chrome filter  to at 15% transparency.

  7 Responses to “THEME: Blessing”

  1. I love your interpretation and your taking us along on a lovely evening. Great job on the processing.

  2. Blessings are so many things to different people. You have come up with one that means a lot to you. Your processing of these different subjects is outstanding. Lotsa fun, huh??

  3. These are all lovely shots and I think you are right on with your interpretation. Very nice!

  4. Very nicely interpreted, Judi. And these are really lovely – you are a whiz at processing. The blend in the wine bottle images is undetectible to me. Well done!

    By the way, all of these really need to be clicked to see the larger version….

  5. All of these count as blessings in my book, but one of my biggest blessings is following your images…and these are no exception….all are beautiful!

  6. I think this is an excellent interpretation of theme! The jet trails have great color and depth and the moon shot does look like impressionism. I especially love the wine glass and bottle knowing that you layered the components into a seamless, gorgeous shot. Well done!

  7. Wonderful, I love deserts, try sitting back a bit from a bushy desert plant close to dusk, and keep quiet for an hour, and you will get to see all of natures blessing. But you do have to be still and silent. as for the tripod, not needed, find a rock cool box or anything solid and level. frame the shot in situ then set your timer and viola no movement steady shot.

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