Jun 072010

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/800; 100 mm  8:16am 6/2/2010 (no tripod)

This is really a difficult image to capture and I do think that I pushed the camera to get it.  That black eye belongs to the camouflaged ground squirrel.

I saw this round tail ground squirrel running through the desert  — actually I heard his high pitch squeal, which made me look.  Then he stopped to “hide.”  Effective except that he left his big, black eye open.

To make it so that you can see the squirrel better, I tried a couple post-processing tricks, starting with a cropping the image.  I then blurred everything except the squirrel and the driftwood stick.  I painted the ground squirrel with contrast and painted the driftwood with definition.  Lastly, I added a strong vignette.

Still can’t see the squirrel?  That’s because he’s hiding! (Jeesh, I crack myself up.)

  8 Responses to “THEME: Black”

  1. I keep coming back to this one – he’s just so cute hiding there in the sand!

  2. That is a great capture Judi, I would have missed that one for sure.

  3. Love it! Our squirrels make no attempt to hide. If you get a little too close they will zip up the closest tree.

  4. Wonderful capture! I love that shiny black eye which seems to be looking right at you.

  5. That eye is so distinctive, but the body blends perfectly. What a wonderful natural camouflage shot! By the time I hear their warning chirps, they are usually long gone!

  6. Beats getting Sunburned and allows him to keep an eye on you, with rattlesnakes a telephoto lens is recommended, from what I have read at around * feet distance they don’t feel threatened by you, I can’t speak for you of course.

  7. Tammy, in the last week I’ve learned that one’s ears are as valuable as one’s eyes. I am learning the different desert sounds, which makes it easier to see the birds and animals. Mind you… it is self defense. I live in fear of hearing a rattlesnake.

  8. All I can say is you have good eyes girl…I would have never noticed that guy in the first place! Your processing is perfect…I saw him right away, but boy does he blend in! Very cool!

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