Jun 162010

Above photo added per Julie’s suggestion to reduce the amount of blur in the background.  I tried it at different strength and in this one I backed off quite a bit.  What do you think now? Did I back off enough?  (June 18)

1922 Black Ford Model T

ISO 80; f/3.5; 1/400;  11.4mm ; 3:42PM

It is a 1922 Ford Model T.  It was sitting on a lot with several other vintage vehicles. Can you imagine the excitement of how it must have felt to own this when it was new? Well, maybe that’s still true.  When I went back a few weeks later, it was already sold and gone, so I never did get another chance at taking its picture.

I took this photo on March 1 on one of my bike rides around Quartzsite.  At the time, I was considering using it for the theme “circular ” but I felt that there was too much going on in the photo. It was hard to find an interesting angel to take the photo as the lot was crowded.

I did a lot of post-processing in Aperture to the Model T out.  I used the Blur paintbrush on the background.  I also dodged and burned areas of  the car.  And I cloned out a shadow from the vehicle sitting to the right. I like using Aperture more and more.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Black Vehicle”

  1. I think the revision is better – the bluring was too much of a distraction in the first image you posted. In the second one you see the hint of other cars which work because of the subject matter but they are soft enought to receed.

  2. Thanks, Julie. I think you are right about the blur being too strong. I really wish the other cars weren’t there, but I guess I can’t just blur them away! So, is this better? Should I remove even more blur?

  3. That vehicle has stories to tell, that much is certain. I always wonder how much money has gone into a vintage car like that over its long life. I like your processing on the car but wonder if the blur is a bit too strong?

  4. Great capture of two themes! I really like your dodging and burning on this one. It’s not obvious but the highlights on the car really jump. Nice processing!!

  5. Beautiful processing and what a cool, cool car!

  6. Any colour you like, as long as you like BLACK, Top opportunity shot.

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