Feb 092010

As I mentioned in the previous post, I decided to work a bit with my digital macro setting during this morning’s photo walk. I’m determined to make this camera do what I want since I can’t afford a digital SLR or any other new camera at this point.

As you can see, spring is just starting here in the desert.  We’ve had a bit more rain than usual, and thus I think it is going to be a beautiful spring.  This cactus is normally dried out looking and I thought it was dead. But with the rain, this plant is blossoming, in fact has a “big” and “small” bud… and an even “bigger” flower.

One thing with the digital macro that I’m pleased about, is that it gives depth by blurring the background.  However, I worry that this photo may be too blurry. One of the settings I changed on the camera was to show the focal point in the picture after it is taken, not just before.  This seemed to have two focal points.

Oh… processing. Very minimum.  I cropped it, tried out the auto-level and it didn’t really alter it. I also added a layer and put a frame around the image.

  4 Responses to “Theme: Big and Small”

  1. I agree with the first two comments. Nice color choice.

  2. And beautiful bokeh at that, with great foreground clarity – really pretty!

  3. “Bokeh” — a new word! Thanks, Terri!

  4. The blurring in the background is the bokeh. The more shallow the depth of field the more bokeh you will get, as your focus is up close on the object/flower and your background is out of focus. I think you did an great job and your settings are working for you.

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