Feb 182010

I was at the model airplane field… and I noticed this model airplane and the jet contrail… and of course I thought “big & small.”  We know that the jet is “big” and the model airplane is “small”  but perspective makes the the jet “small” (actually invisible without its contrail) and the model airplane “big.”

Since this is not great resolution, I decided to not crop and just let the “big” blue sky overpower all, and make everything look “small.”

Enough play on the theme, don’t you think?

  3 Responses to “THEME: Big and Small, Redux”

  1. Great interpretations on the theme in big and small ways. I love seeing that very big, very blue sky

  2. I love your reasoning for the theme, and must say it is very original, well done.

  3. I think you did a great job w/ the theme, this really puts it all into perspective!

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