Apr 202010

Taken at 9:11 AM. ISO 80; f/8; 1/320; 7.7mm.  Adjusted levels.

Actually took the bottom one before the top photo — but realized that you don’t know much about this abandoned beverage without seeing the landscape.

Taken at 9:09 AM. ISO 80; f/5.8; 1/500; 28.5mm.  Cropped.  Used Blue Desert Preset to adjust exposure, enhance vibrancy and adjust levels.

  4 Responses to “THEME: Beverage (Abandoned)”

  1. I really like the bottom cropped shot. I still get the sense of “abandoned” from that image, mostly empty with condensation, laying in the dirt. I think it’s a strong image with good composition.

  2. Glad you put it in context, and I’m glad at least there was just one.

  3. At first I wondered what an “abandoned beverage” was! Now it makes perfect sense. Super interpretation of theme and I love your processing.

  4. Great Enditment of the Health movement, I see Health drink bottles littering my world all the time. Jerks!

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