Jun 072010

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/125; 100 mm  8:56am 6/3/2010 (no tripod)

I don’t know if I was more shocked to see this Red-Tailed Hawk or a puddle of water in Quartzsite.  Found this “beach scene” on a recent morning bike ride.

I did not do any overall processing to the photo, outside of adjusting levels.  Instead, I used the paint brush tools to  burn some of the Red Hawk Features and the Palo Verde branch pointing down at the Hawk, sharpened the bird, and cloned away a glaring white reflection from the background rock.

The only explanation I can give for why there is water in this wash is that there is some water towers close by… and I’m wondering if they leak.

The Red-Tailed Hawk feathers are sacred to some Native American Tribes.

I was torn as to which theme to use for this one… so I used two.

  8 Responses to “THEME: Beach Scene in The Great Outdoors”

  1. I love this shot! Good clarity and a wonderful reflection. Nice capture

  2. See – I KNEW you would find a beach scene somewhere, somehow!!! Perhaps you could use one of those bean-bag pods that function as a type of tripod. You could use that to help stabilize the camera on the seat or handlebars of your bike (or a railing or table or anything else nearby).

  3. Nice reflections in the water and great image Judi.

  4. Ellen you are so funny! I do need to find a way to strap the tripod onto the back of the bike as it was really hard to get a clear pic hand holding the camera. Image Stablizer is my best friend.

  5. Great image. You got such great detail, I’d have fallen off the bike.

  6. I see he is cooling his heels in that puddle! Such a sharp shot. Look at how clear and detailed his eye is!!

  7. Excuse Me! I am trying to take a Bath, Privacy Please!
    Bikies with cameras can be so rude! LOL Majestic in flagrenta.

  8. Stunningly beautiful! (and I know, you photoshopped the water in LOL)….what a unique find which you perfectly captured!

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