Jun 202010

ISO 80; f/4.5; 1.500; 7:14am (mini tripod) (Aperture auto enhance preset; vignette added)

I’ve been wracking my brain for what I could do for “ball.”  If you knew me, you’d know that me and balls don’t get along. There is a definite lack of eye – hand coordination on my part.  Then, I remembered that there is one ball that I’ve been getting along with… my pretty pink desert golf ball!  Due to rattlesnakes, the desert golf  is off for the summer season, so I almost forgot  that I owned a ball.  This shot idea came to me sometime in the middle of the night, so this morning I dug out my favorite club (this is a joke because we only use one club in the game) and headed over to the wash with ball and camera.

ISO 80; f/4.5; 1/320; 7:30am (mini tripod) (Preset learned in Scott Bourne’s class)

I put my camera on the mini tripod so that it is at eye level with the ball and I used the 10-sec timer.  I took it off continuous focus so that it stopped dancing around on me. And then I got into position.  About 20 shots later I was starting to feel the sun beat down on me and quit the idea.  I deleted most all of the photos… I’m still trying to figure out how to best focus, zoom, use macro and even super macro with my camera.  So, I did get some interesting results, but not many worth keeping.  Here is one of my favorite accidents:

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/400; 100mm; 7:27am

Clearly it is an out of focus shot  — I’m fairly positive this is one when I accidentally hit the shutter button while rearranging the shot. Remember the camera is sitting on the mini tripod on the ground; I may be short, but this is still awkward to change settings.


I’ve been feeling stale over the past few days; I think I need to take a ride out of town to get some of this month’s themes and just see something different for a change.  Meanwhile, I am learning how to do the panoramas and hope to share one of these soon.

  7 Responses to “THEME: Ball”

  1. I like that oops shot too, but my favorite is the middle shot for the composition.

  2. Great use of theme! That gravel really tells the tale of how your golf courses look! Super idea.

  3. I love that last shot, so artistic and unique! Sometimes those oops pictures are the best!

  4. I guess I can understand using a pink golf in the desert. Pretty much a traditionalist myself when it comes to golf balls. That is an interesting perspective for your shot. I really like what you were trying to do. Think these two images came off nicely I think.

  5. Karen, I like the LCD screen on the SX10 because you can flip it up. I just wish I had a remote control for changing the settings! The mini tripod is only 3″ and its flexible so I think I was within an inch of the ground. But I think you have a point, I should try it directly on the ground because you can still see some elevation in this shot.

    Do you use the super macro mode much?

  6. Great colors – and interesting composition in the top photo with the base of the golf club just half visible in the background. To get a low macro shot with the SX10 IS, I’ve sometimes stretched flat on the ground and sometimes just placed the camera on level ground to steady it – and tipped the LCD screen up to see the composition.

  7. Haven’t you seen, Funniest home video’s this is the type of shot that ends in a destroyed camera, and at least, emotionally scarred photographer. Cameras don’t grow o trees you know, why would you risk yours just for a theme that you could have stretched with a block of foam rubber.

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