Jun 222010

ISO 80; f/4; 1/160 5mm; 6:55pm

While taking a walk around the park two nights ago, I came across this most perfect natural ball! ┬áDon’t you just love it?

Here’s a close=up taken the following morning… I wanted to see how the morning light changed the cactus. ┬áThe whole cactus shot was better in the evening sunlight, the morning seemed better for the detail shot.

ISO 80; f/8; 1/200 67mm; 9:56am (next morning)

  6 Responses to “THEME: Ball (Perfect)”

  1. You’re on a roll with these themes! I like seeing the effect of the light on the two different images.

  2. Love the lighting in the top image. Helps to really define the ball-like aspect of the cactus. Great detail in the lower image.

  3. That’s very cool! I wonder why it evolved to be round rather than the more elongated form we usually see?

  4. I shudder to comment in case you get “All Prickly” LOL Did you play soccer with it Hudi?

  5. A glowing ball at that! Don’t think I’d want to play ball w/ that one – OUCH! I love the way the sunlight warms up the image and shows off those great details!

  6. I love these barrel cacti! What great examples!

    You asked in the VPW blog about the camera harness I mentioned in the “vacation photography” post. I kept the web version and gave Jon the elastic. Not sure why; I tried on the web first and it felt great, so I decided to keep it. When ordering, I had some concern that the elastic would be too “stretchy” for our cameras (we both have Canon DSLRs and they run about 2 lbs) but it’s been fine for him. They are both adjustable, and he hangs a couple of lens cases with extra lenses off his.

    The reason I ordered both was because I wasn’t sure which one I would like. I planned to return the one I was less happy with, but Jon ended up “adopting” it, so it all worked out fine. With the P&S cams you have, I think either would work fine as your equipment probably isn’t all that heavy.

    Loved your piece over at the VPW blog!

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