Feb 172010

This is my neighbor, Mark Mich.  He is 89-years old and drove down from Minnesota in his new white truck towing a new custom trailer, alone.  He spends most of the day sitting in this chair, in this position soaking up the sun, alone.  He is not unfriendly, but just feels that after being a farmer all his life, he deserves the chance to sit down and certainly feels no pressure to participate in any social activities.  Sometimes I think he is the most sane person in this whole RV park. Oh, and he never married, thus he’s always been alone.

  4 Responses to “THEME: Alone”

  1. […] up and dressed while the sun was still rising in the east.  After saying goodbye  to my neighbor Mark — he’s heading back to Minnesota for the summer season — I walked around to see […]

  2. Good for him for doing just what he wants to do at his age! Very admirable. What a lovely little story you tell about him. Will you give him a copy of this photo?

  3. He does look content and happy in his own skin, looks like he’s just about to tell a story .

  4. My Grandma and Grandpa used to be like that…they would sit on their little front porch day and night weather permitting…that is how I always remember them! What a great picture of Mark – he looks very content!

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